I was extremely excited when I was offered a job at Wet Seal. The interview was very intensive and somewhat challenging which at first brought to me the idea that I would be joining a positive working environment...

I was wrong. What I first disliked about the Wet Seal store I'm working in is their obsession with only hiring Hispanics girls a few weeks back. I do not mean this in a discriminatory way, but in fact, they seem to be very lacking in ethics and motives. A while after I was hired, I noticed they hired a total of six Hispanic girls, one after the other, which shows that they have some sort of "ethnic goal" rather than providing a genuinely diverse environment; if they want true diversity, they should hire multiple nationalities at the same time, not just an specific ethnic group (there are no Asian,

African American, or Middle Eastern girls at the store).

Away from that, my coworkers have trained me to sell damaged items (ex. a shirt with an "unnoticeable" ripped hole) in hopes a costumer will purchase them without noticing because at the end of the day, once the costumer returns their damaged item, they will have to face the fact that they'll only get store credit, meaning that the money stays with the company. I have two co-workers who constantly try on the nail polishes we have on sale the days they are bored, later they sell the same used nail polish to costumers; it makes me not want to buy from them even though I get a 40% discount on items.

There are other aspects I dislike about the store, but long story short, I do not plan on staying with them for long, I dislike the way they do not provide a genuine service to the costumers, the pay is horrible, etc.

the positive aspect about the store is that everyone is polite and get along with one another, and the manager is very open about providing you with a change of schedule in case some sort of emergency arises. Everyone has their own motives and are entitled to choose their working environment, but I personally do not feel identified with this working environment.

Review about: Wet Seal Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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