I bought some clothing from wetseal on the east side of madison recently and the "supervisor" refused to let me use my sister's membership card. she said, in a snotty, and very rude way that that has ALWAYS been their policy but, I remembered very well that both sides (west and east) has told me before that any of your siblings could use your card.

That was the only reason my sister decided to purchase the card. And now they are going back on their words?

The supervisor from the east side was very rude and I have never seen any supervisors act like that infront of a whole bunch of customers. I absolutely do not care if she was having a bad day, just the way she presented herself, I will never shop there again.

I am so disappointed because wetseal used to be one of my favorite stores, until this encounter, it was such a horrible experience. I absolutely believe wetseal has very bad customer service and that supervisor should be "re-trained." I honestly think, if you were a supervisor, you would know how to act and at least be "Friendly."

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how can people even sit here and write stuff like this? those people behind the counter are minimum wage employees who have to deal with loud obnoxious customers on a daily basis.

they have to clean up after every one of the rude messy customers and be screamed at all day. they do not make the exchange policy, they have to go with it or else they will lose their jobs! half of you have probably never even worked in retail before. day after day listening to demanding rude whiny customers will make it hard to keep a smile on your face.

if you are nice to them they will work with you on your issue. have any of you even ever tried that?

what do you expect out of a store that sells $10 shirts and pays their employees $7 an hour. maybe if you people tried to talk with a nice reasonable tone you will yield different results, just a thought :) every time i am at wet seal i recieve great customer service!!


I was in one of the stores today and was standing in line behind a woman who proceeded to belittle and berate the 18 year old kid behind the register because her daughter purchased something she did not approve. She wanted a refund and when the 18 year old kid behind the register informed her that the return policy was explained to the daughter and posted at the cash wrap and on the bottom of the receipt the woman got louder.

Because naturally screaming at the 18 year old minimum wage kid behind the counter will make everything better. I am not saying I defend their return policy or that their employees are great, but I have seen a lot of poorly behaved customers and just because you are spending or returning in their store doesn't mean they need to accept your bad behavior. Know what you are getting and where you are shopping before you spend your money, if their is an honest problem try speaking to the staff the way you would like to be spoken to. As for that woman in front of me in line today, you were like what???


45? I hope you are proud of yourself, you should be ashamed of the way you behaved and I hope you get the opportunity to have someone scream at you the way you screamed at that kid.


The Wet Seal Manager (Felicia) at Stratford Mall in Bloomingdale, She needs extra customer Service training. It seems like she hates her job.

She isn't a people person all you hear is her big mouth all around the store yelling at the employees. You guys should have some servailance camaras. This isn't good for your company.

I will never shop at any of your stores. Please tain your Mangers.


My daughter came home last night after shopping in the mall with a friend. They were distraught over the service they received at Wet Seal.

When she asked where she might find another pair of pants like the pair she was holding, the clerk told her that she didn't know where they were and that nobody knew where they were. She told me that both clerks in the store were extremely rude and continued to be during the entire time they were in the store.

My daughter returned to the store today to clear the air about the situation the night before and asked to speak to a manager. She was very surprised to find out that the rude clerk was the manager. Her attitude continued to be insulting.

My daughter returned home again very upset. She told me that she just wanted an apology and to apologize for the incident, but was left shaken by the interaction of the manager of the store.

I just don't understand a company that doesn't train their employees to respect the customer. They have lost our business and hopefully will close their doors someday because God forbid that this is the treatment we are expected to receive when we are offering our money for a fair service.


Worse return policy I've ever seen. No refunds or credit back to credit cards. Exchange or store credit only. I bought my daughter a long sleeve shirt. She took off the tag and put the shirt on before going to school when she noticed one sleeve was about 4 inches shorter that the other. She takes the shirt off and changes clothes. We cannot find the tag now but have the receipt. I cannot exchange an obviously defective shirt because of the tag missing. I must call corporate office. 4 days later and I've still haven't talked to anyone that can help me. My last options coming up are filing a complaint with the BBB or filing a dispute on my VISA for defective merchandise.

Their return policy is not stated anywhere except on the receipt after you purchase. Talk about deceptive practices!

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