My daughter purchased a belt at Wet Seal which turned out not to fit her. I tried to return it unworn and with all tags on it.

In addition to very poor customer service (slow moving and useless) they told me that I could not return it even though the return policy states only lingerie, swimsuits and jewelry are not returnable.

Obviously they don't even know their own return policy.

I am definately reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and everyone else should also. There clothes are trashy and cheap so hopefully they will just go out of business anyway!

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I agree, their return policy does exclude those. They would not have given your money back anyway, only store credit. Those bastards.


You might disagreed with the return policy, bottom line is you should of read the policy if there's a chance it might not fit your daughter. Can't help but wonder what you do for a living and what kind of message you are sending to your daughter calling another human being "useless".


When you buy something, you agree to the return policy and your leaving something out because otherwise she would have been able to return it. And its not the service thats the problem, the problem you have is with a policy for every wet seal. Wet Seal is going strong and wont go out of buisness.

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