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Word of advice to everyone: DO NOT ORDER ONLINE INTERNATIONALLY at Wetseal unless you're willing to wait two months for your package to arrive. I ordered four items (all in stock) on March 3, 2010 from the Canadian site and I have yet to receive my package.

I have inquired twice via international customer service and US customer service. There was zero response from the international customer servie and the US customer service advised me on March 26, 2010 that my package will arrive in 10-18 days which is NOT the amount of shipping days indicated on the Wetseal website! On the website, it clearly states 10-16 business days for Canadian residents and I originally placed my order on March 3.

So finally I gave customer service a phone call on March 27 and ask them "WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON? WHERE THE *** IS MY PACKAGE?" And customer service advised me that it actually takes 2 weeks to process for international packages. However, your package was shipped on March 22, 2010 and you'll be receiving it in 10-16 business days.

Ok so I wait and wait and wait until today (Aprill 16, 2010) three weeks later SHOULDN't MY PACKAGE BE HERE BY NOW? I give customer service a call one last time and asked for my tracking number and guess where my package is? In New Jersey!!! Like wtf? How can it be in New Jersey when customer service told me the package was shipped on March 22, 2010? Explanation: she's a eff-en liar!!! UPS indicated the package was not shipped until April 10, 2010! Which is over a month from when I originally placed the order!

So please take my advice, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT order online internationally unless you have the time and patience to wait two months for your package to arrive. Trust me, I always order clothes online and I have NEVER waited more than three weeks for them to arrive.


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Seongnam, Kyonggi-Do, Republic Of Korea #1234817

Wow, I wish I looked up this stuff before I ordered online from wet seal.Ugh!!

I always got my stuff quick back in states, now I'm all the way in Korea and its been a month since I placed my order and it said it'll be arriving in December?? Like wtf!! Its been sitting at San Jose transit for like almost two weeks now. Its so annoying and to top it off I had no tracking number before I had to contact them to send me a tracking because its been weeks and my packet should be arriving soon, came to find out it'll take months.

So I ordered off of forever21 and its been literally a week and my stuff is on its way and should be here by Friday.Mehh never ordering again from wet seal while I'm here.


I just ordered from wetseal 2 days ago.They didnt give me a tracking number.

& i live in the u.s.After reading all these comments i hope the same doesnt happen to me i just wasted lyk $100 on them...


Thanks for posting your comments.My daughter just asked me to order her a cardigan from wet seal, but after reading about the horrible customer service, the poor quality of clothes etc, we will be taking our business to Forever 21.

What great service , fast and reliable.Wet Seal, you better learn fast, in this age of social media, you mess with customers and they "tell each other".


Really?Cause I ordered my items and they got to me in a week and 3 days.

You just had a bad time.

It is probably not the stores fault, it is probably the shipping companies fault.I don't think you should go around trashing a store because of one bad experience.


I love wetseal I jus ordered mine a couple days ago As a guess is there anyway I can track my order ?!


Can anyone answer me?? :sigh :?


Can anyone answer me?? :sigh :?


Is it free to have a wetseal account? and if not, how can you cancel your account? and i didn't get my confirmation letter is that bad?


is it free to have a wetseal account? and if not how can you delete your account?


You have to be kidding.I ordered a bunch of clothes from this website it was supposed to be in today.

I came home today didn't see a package so I called wetseal. They said that the ups man left a note on my door yesterday but I was home all day I didn't hear a knock or anything plus I went outside didn't see a note either. Then she says check at the post office it is there.

So I'm going check tomorrow at the post office && ifmy stuff isn't there I don't know what I will do this is very horrible.I should have seen the note or something :? :(

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