Paid cash for item, found hole in shirt after purchase, tried to return next day.They didnt have the same size & requested a refund.

The salesgirl said they didnt give cash refunds, only store credit and pointed this out to me on receipt. This goes for credit and debit cards too. They dont inform you of this when making purchase & according to their home office they have these signs posted at the checkout, though how many people are really going to notice this when trying to check out. Very shady business practice and from what i could tell very cheaply made clothing.

This place will be out of business soon with policies like this.

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I bought my clothes online and I want to return it at my closest Wet Seal store and receive store credit but I don't have my receipt. Can i return it if I show my California ID?


I work at Wet Seal.I don't like the policies much, either.

But at our store, you can return your item within 14 days and get cash back. Otherwise, it's store credit.

And we do have the policies listed at the front counter.If you don't read them there or on your receipt, that's not our fault.


I wish I had read this before I went into their store today.I couldnt even get my money back before leaving the store.

I realized after paying that my daughter had an extra shirt on my tab and tried to return it and they looked at me with one of the witchiest looks ever and told me they have no way of giving me my money back.NEVER again


I have worked in retail over six years and I have seen many return policies such as the one at wet seal.Wet seal gets a lot because of their return policy but forever 21 has the exact same policy, but they recieve less complaints.

I have personally know an employee at wet seal and there story is absolutely notorious for shoplifting. Of course, every store including my own is prone to shoplifting but wet seal gets hit the worst. Because their clothes are so cheap, they attract sketchy customers who often steal rather than pay. The majority of really cheap stores has a retuun policy like this because shoplifters continuously try to " return" clothes they've never purchased.

I understand a lot of you are upset with the employee as well and think they are rude, but I cantilever almost guarantee that once they told you they couldn't give you a credit / cash refund you snapped at them. Give yue employees a break. And in the future, its your respinsibilty to read the receipt and respect yhr policy.

They enstated the policy for a reason.You don't have to like it, but retail is a.business and you have to respect it.


I bought a scarf at wet seal that has both sides sowen together and wore it out.When I got home and took it off I notice there was a huge hole at one of the end of one of the seams.

I have the reciept but lost the tag ad noticed on the reciept that it says you need the tag for exchanges.Will they still let me exchange the item without the tag?


I am a manager at a wet seal and I ALWAYS have the girls tell the return policy.And if I have a customer come in and the item is damaged or they need another size or something like that I totally exchange it.

Rules are rules I guess but I always believe in making that customer happy. If she needs a bigger size and its over 21 day policy as long as it doesnt look worn or anything like that WHO CARES. Make them happy and they will shop with you again.

Sorry for your bad experiences everyone!Im on my last week with this company because I cant take it either!


and believe me i will def be a smart shopper! the first step to smart shopping...eliminate the stores that dont make customers happy and offer cheap products ;) trial and error just try to remember not to make the same mistake twice. i wont be setting foot in another wetseal until items are brought up to buying standards and policies are put in place for the customers satisfaction not just for the business\' benefit..oh and another bonus would be teaching minimum wage employees some manners.there is no excuse for name calling ur customers


now i remember why i stopped shopping @ wetseal, i recently purchased a couple pairs of boots online and when i recieved them i immediatly changed my mind.they looked very cheaply made and were very thin.

the sizing was way too big, ive never had a problem before with sizing at any other store. Sizing is the least of my problems, the quality is what gets me and the return policy is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard! and for the person advising people to shop at walmart for a cash back guarantee, I would def shop at walmart over wetseal their materials are of way better quality than wetseal which is probably why the return policy is so sh**ty bcus the store knows how crappy their items are.

I was shocked at the replys on here from the retail employees but i guess from what one of them stated theirselves about barely being trained must be the reason for THEIR ignorance.get a real job where u are trained properly and support better policies & learn how to treat customers who are keeping you employed, instead of calling customers ignorant and lazy get back behind the counter and show some respect to the people keeping your store in business!


First of all it is not mandatory that the employees tell you the return policy.How many stores do you go to where they read the return policy u word for word.

The policy is by the register and on the receipt.

It also gives u the exact date for which the purchased can be returned until.Maybe if u customers would stop being lazy and read the receipt or even ask before the purchase u wouldn't find yourself in these situations use common sense people!


I do not shop at wet seal because of there return policy.

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