If you want to avoid being ripped off when you purchase goods online, having poorly manufacturing items, getting clothes with sizes that differ from measurements given online, receiving clothes that look nothing like the picture shows, getting no reply from customer service online, having THE worst customer service experience when you go to the store, then DO NOT shop at Wet Seal. Take my advice and shop at ANY other retailer rather than Wet Seal.

Alternatively, get a lawyer before you think about shopping at Wet Seal because you will need one if there is anything wrong with the clothes, or if you want to return it. This is hands-down THE WORST company you will buy anything from.

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I agree with the original, the customer service is terrible. The stuff looks like ***, doesnt fit right and they do not answer. They might as well not have any customer service reps because they get paid to be rude.


Wet Seal does is not the worst company ever. They clearly state the return policy and maybe you should try on the clothes before you purchase the clothes.

It's one of my favorite stores.

You can return the clothes within 21 days for exchange or store credit. So get your facts straight.

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