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This evening the 30 th of December, my family and I experienced the worst customer service in outlives ever. We were insulted by the employee who claimed to be the manager of the store ( the one in tuttle mall Dublin ohio) she called us names F, B and d words in front of our kids. Her name is Jessica. We have everything recorded on the video. I asked the high management of Wet seal to act quickly and I guess there is a camera in the store that is recording. Here is what happen:

There was a big sale in the store we went inside the store my family and my friends with her kids. We bought a lot of staff. There were many people on the line but only two cashier. My friend and I were on the line, I got served by a really nice employee and was waiting for my friend who was waiting on the line where Jessica was responsible. Then suddenly she closed her pos and starts without even telling people online that she is closed. My friend was complaining to me as she doesn't speak good English . So, I asked the cashier if they can make zigzag ( take one customer from each line). I was surprised by her yelling and shouting and saying that she doesn't care. When I told this an appropriate behavior from a customer service associate , she starts shouting saying F.. Words in front of the kids. She even said get out of my store.

The behavior of this employee this evening was not professional, it was inappropriate and racist as we look foreigner.

As I said I have a recorded video of here yelling. The kids got frightened and stated crying. I tried to call the customer service number that I I have on the receipt but there was no response ( it says they are closed at this time)

I will not let it go. We were humiliated in that store by this employee (Jessica). I hope you do your investigations and make the necessary regarding this employee. I will call tomorrow again before contacting my lawyer ( I have witnesses, a video and if you don't act, I will give the OK to my lawyer to do the necessary steps.

You can contact me by email at: and I will provide you with my phone number and all the information that you need to do your investigations



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Columbus, Ohio, United States #925523

I was there and that's not what happened ...!


Here's a thought, don't shop there anymore. I would have put my things back and just walked out.

You do have the power to walk away. You don't have to give your money to a company that employs a person like you described. Oh, looks like you won't have to worry about her anymore if they are all out of jobs.

Problem fixed. It was that simple.

Dublin, Ohio, United States #925309

I agree with the other poster. Also, that store has gone/going out of business.

It doesn't make it any better but you are giving one side of the story. I've shopped in that store for years and Jessica is an assistant and one of many managers. She has helped my daughters many times and is one of the reasons I continued to go back. I happen to be a foreigner too and have never felt that way while she has helped my family.

Not saying it was right if she actually did use the foul language that you are saying but retail workers in general do have to put up with many customers that aren't very friendly day in and out and are expected to keep a smile on their face. I've worked in retail in the past and will never go back because of the way customers treat the employees. Not that my opinion matters but I don't think the fact that you are foreign had anything to do with it. We as customers think we can just run our mouths to retail/customer services workers and they just have to keep taking it.

Ever stop to ask yourself what may be going on in her life to make her act out that way or are you just another person that care about getting a "pay day"... Looks to me like you've got that "American" way down.

That company can investigate your complaint all you want but in regard to that employee and take necessary action as you state but she has already lost her job along with about 3,000 others that work for them. Just saying....


I've got news for you. What happened to you was unfortunate but not illegal. You will be paying "your attorney" for nothing.

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