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I usually enjoy this store and their products and their customer service is alright most of the time, but today it was lacking. I found a dress on sale that fit me perfect, only 2 were in the store and only one was in my size.

I went to check out and after paying for it, the woman at the counter told me she ripped the dress trying to get the security tag off. It was 'final sale' since it was clearance so I was forced to either take it or get my money back. I tried seeing if they could knock a few bucks but the manager was rather stubborn.

I just hope I can fix it, but I just feel as if that's rather messed up as they damaged a product I bought and screwed me over. Thanks for nothing, wet seal.

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Under no circumstance can they offer you a discount for clearance. They could rip the dress in half but still can't discount it because it's against company policy. Don't be such a ***

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