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Where can I begin!!!!

FIRST OFF, save yourself some time and sanity and do not shop online from this fraudulent retailer! They will make the "human error and mistake that rarely occurs" and miss 5 items from your package YET CHARGE YOU FOR THE ITEMS! I ALMOST FORGOT the part where you have to be on the phone with an employee over half an hour explaining that they have made a mistake and argue the fact that you are not lying.

Long story short they offered me a one time curtesy refund (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA wait a minute, wetseal is giving me a one time curtesy refund?)

NO (beep!) you're giving me my (beep!) money back for the (beep!) items wetseal stole from my package.

Let's NOT FORGET to mention the fact that a total of 9 items were ordered and ONLY 4 were shipped and charged for 9 items. What a joke!!!! Where do those mistakes occur? To me in sounds like they have a fraudulent employee working in their shipping department.

Thanks for reading my rant guys and sorry if I offended anyone. If you are a Wetseal employee reading this, please check your shipping department closely because you've now lost ANOTHER customer.

Lastly, Wetseal had no history of previous orders under my name and address but I have emails to prove otherwise. This online shopping thing is pointless guys. TRUST ME!!!

"Weight matched items ordered"

If I had a scale I would confirm otherwise but unfortunately I don't have one! Ugh.

Email me at

Thanks for reading this

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You got your money back, so what's the issue? They asked you to prove the items were not delivered; since you can't prove a negative I understand your frustration at this.

However, they DID have a way to help you. I would do business with WetSeal because they went out of their way to assist. How timessage a day do you think retailers hear "you didn't send everything so give me a refund"?

I would be suspicious of you as well.

Bravo, WetSeal.

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #922761

Yes, I was refunded my money and shipping after going numerous times back & forth. It's not like they gladly did it for me.

You can't refund the time wasted and the frustration caused. However, go ahead with your round of applause and order more than 5 items with a two day shipping. Don't be alarmed if the items are damaged, wrong size is received or if items are missing. Might as tell you now, I TOLD YOU SO!

Good luck with your future business with Wetseal, you will definitely need it!!!! Bravo!

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #923450

Obviously an employee! When you can't add anything to the conversation;Don't.

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