The manager of the wet seal in the colonial park mall in harrisburg pa is an awful awful women. I bought five pairs of underwear, spending money I earned on something I needed.

I immediately came home and washed them (obviously) removing tags, they shrank, all but one pair. I took them back and asked her what could be done they were washed and unworn. Her response was "for me to lose my ***". I was shocked beyond belief!

How am I suppose to come back at that?

Underwear and receipt in hand I had to walk away before I honestly hurt her. I'm not a big girl and at five foot two I do believe most of my *** needs to be kept however size six underwear shrinking to a size maybe two is not cool at all but what's worse than the quality of wet seals clothing is the rude little *** they hire to represent their company.

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I have been shopping at the wet seat in colonial park mall for a long time & know the people that work there pretty well. I highly doubt someone there would have talked to you like that!

For one, their underwear comes in small, medium, & large not numbers, & two; I have bought underwear from there & haven't had problems by following the washing instructions. Maybe you didn't follow the washing instructions & shrunk them & are mad you can't get your money back but making up stories about employees talking to customers like that isn't going to get you anything!


While it is a shame that the underwear you just purchased were quickly damaged - due to poor quality of the product or poor quality of the wash, I don't know - you have to understand that we cannot just simply accept underwear that people have taken home. We don't know what you have done with them and we cannot just take your word for it.

We have standards to uphold and that includes not reselling underwear to our customers.

In the same way that you probably wouldn't have wanted to purchase underwear returned by another customer, we cannot resell the underwear you have taken home to our trusted customers. It is not the employees' fault; it is company policy and for good reasons.

to Wet Seal Employee #596739


to Wet Seal Employee #853033

Don't use "we can't re sell them" as an excuse. Thats just dumb.

We all know you can do the right thing and refund us. Then turn around and just MOS them.

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