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My daughter and I purchased two pairs of boot cut jeans. She decided that she didn't like them so the next day I went to return them.

I had paid with credit card, but the cashier told me she wouldn't refund my money. I could either exchange the pants for something else, or get store credit! I told her this was unacceptable, but she said those were my only two options! She told me the policy was written on the receipt and on the counter!

I have since emailed the corporate office, but who knows what will happen? I will also contact my credit card company,Prepaid Legal and the BBB to see if I can get justice.

What the company is doing is deceptive and dishonest!

Monetary Loss: $38.

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San Diego, California, United States #802185

we have since then changed our return policy. you have 14 days to get cash or credit and 20 to get in store credit (gift card) and you can always exchange.


Your overreacting. It's absolutely not their fault.

You buy the jeans knowing for sure that you like them. If you don't know, you don't get them. The return policy is right on the receipt, and you signed the receipt, meaning you're legally bound to it and you agreed to the policy. The store and your bank cannot do anything about it.

I personally think their options are fair. If something doesn't fit or has a defect you get an exchange.

And if you plain don't want it, like your daughter decided, store credit is great. Just take that and tell your daughter to find a different pair of jeans.


This is why you don't buy something unless you know you want it. The return policy is stated each and every time. Good luck calling your credit card company, they cannot do anything!


If you signed your receipt (which had the return policy posted on it), you signed a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT agreeing to their return policy. I do not shop in their stores because of their policy. (Although they do offer refunds for online purchases, so I shop there on occasion).

to Nicole #853035

You are WAY wrong. I work for Visa and if you run your card as credit what you are signing for is that you agree to pay that amount due thats all.


I hate dealing with customers like this. Though I ALWAYS say the return policy I know that some of the other associates forget.

But most of the time they say it, it's on the poster near the register, and it's on your receipt.

It;s insane that you're getting those other things involved, I bet they get annoyed at you because you didn't pay attention. Please, stop blaming others for everything you'll be doing everyone a favor


You should read and pay attention very closely. I have purchased items from Wet Seal on many occasions for my daughter and that is the one thing I dislike about that store is that you can not get your money back; however, I do have to say it is posted all over the store and the cashiers always remind me when i am making a purchase so although I don't agree with their policy it is their policy and they are extremely good about disclosing it; therefore, I think you should pay more attention to detail, quit *** and move on. Your fault, not theirs.


You have to understand, we are in a recession. Companies have policies like this because people bring things back they've had for years and worn and washed and want their money back (and at my store..we allow that, and that's why we are going out of business). Your daughter should have tried them on before you bought them, and you need to ask if you are unsure with a store's policy on that before you swipe your card.


I just have to say don't blame the cashier she or he was only doing their jobs. And the cashiers also have to tell u the store policy before the transaction actually goes thru so it was up to u to accept it or deny it.

And its also stated the store policy at the entrance of the store on the registers and on ur receipts!!!!!

And actually if u check other stores too there aren't that many that will give u cash back anymore including money back on ur credit card! It's not just wet seal.


this is my biggest problem with people who complain. that cashier was doing her job not deliberately trying to keep your money.

she would most likely get written up or fired if she just up and gave you money. the wet seal where i live asks if you are familiar with their return policy before the transaction is complete.

if you can't read the back of your receipt or that big piece of paper in front of your face stating their policy then learn! stop *** about something that's not relevant to the educated shopper.


There is nothing deceptive or dishonest about a posted return policy. Store credit or exchange are very common terms for a return policy these days.

You agreed to these terms when you made the purchase.

It is the burden of the consumer to understand a return policy. This is in no way an unfair practice and I can't imagine how you would think you have a leg to stand on.

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