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In all my years I have never ever shopped at the most horrible and unprofessionalism in my life! I walked in with my daughter and we asked if the shirt onthe manican can be taken off since the size she wanted did not fit.

they said sorry we can't, only until wednesday. and we proceeded to shop so I looked around and noticed that one girl in a strange tone asked if she can hold my bag, so I don't have to carry around with me, I said no thank you. (okay strange) then I said to myself what is going on? then my daughter tried on a shirt that was a size M which was too large and an xs, they asked her if they worked out and she said no one is too small and the other is too big, and can I come on wed to see if that shirt is still avail?

and she said well okay, then as I was looking around I realized there was not anything there I wanted to we were our way out, the girl with glasses proceeded to ask us if we found everthing alright my daughter then asked again, can I come back on wed will you have that shirt off the manaquin? she said no, (talks through both sides of her mouth) and she proceeded to tell me my daughter was with another group of kids and those kids she was with may have taken somthing) okay what????

She said she found broken censors in the fitting room etc... a few weeks ago, that she cannot go into the store anymore? My daughter was singled out because her friends may have taken somthing?

She had no idea what she was talking about. and that my daughter cannot go back to the store? this is Slander! and predjedice!

because they are miserable because they are not getting sales, if this were the case why did she let us shop there? You cannot accuse someone of doing somthing that you are not sure of, she told me she never ever actually saw my child take anything but was certain by another employee who is not there saw them trying on glasses. the glasses were put in another spot and she yelled at the kids to put back. then they accuse?

this is a law suit! I have had a few instances in the past with the rudness of the manager there and I will not stand for this rediculousness any longer How dare they treat us like this, As a mother I never liked going in there, but would for my daughter like I said I had a few instances of my own, but to look at people who did nothing wrong, like crimminals, is flat out SLANDER!!! Do not shop in Parkway Plaza El Cajon, they are awful!

I am taking this further!! Discrimate!

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To Mom.

I know the store Wet Seal. My Daughter always tried to drag me into it ... We did go. I always told her this stuff is high priced ***. But then you to into the next store and its the same thing. So what are you going to do. The claims of shop lifting " finger pointing to your Daughter" are what they are " Hear say". Unless they have something to back it up that they are not sharing with you. Which would be security video tapes. It's quite possible.

The girls that work in the front " most of them" not all - are there for a paycheck. They don't care. So with that It only takes ONE who is within the mix of those who works there " To take on a "Mother" figure. They not only watch the Girls Working - They pay attention to everyone who frequents the store as well. I worked in Retail for years. There is always ONE that takes their " position" as to be the Watcher seriously. * I am not talking about Management.

This is what I can offer.

The Store I am sure has hidden camera's in the dressing rooms. I am sure of it. They are usually hidden behind the mirror and or within the ceiling. Does not mean they have a live person watching you. But it is monitored and taped.

Not Judging your Daughter - But for someone to make such claims that your D shop lifted or was with a crew of girls that have shoplifted. I would say first you need to have a True Blue Sit Down with Your D. Before you go running to an Atty. I am trying to protect You. Yes it could be hear say but same same it could be true.

The trivial stuff about the shirt size, that is not the issue at hand. Not really. When I worked in Retail at a Major Dept Store. Omg the Teenage Girls that got Busted - not their first time.. maybe their 3rd. It's not pretty Mom not pretty at all. I was 18 myself working at this dept Store. The girls who stole ..they had cash Money, they had their parents credit cards on them.

I was making 3.20 an hour. These Girls thought since they got away with it Once or Twice ..they could continue.

Not all of them stole either - they shopped in a group. These girls thought they were so SMART that they did get away with it. NOPE they were being watched. So when they entered the Store they were followed - Proof. The last time they stole was when they were dragged into the back room and the Police were called. The girls were 15-17.

Forget about the Shirt Size

Think about the what was said. Something is clicking within the one sales girls mind that She would put herself out there to peg your daughter. Just saying. She/salesgirl may be wrong. But what if she isn't.

Think about it. That's all I ask.

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