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On Wednesday, December 11th Wet Seal had a sale going on where everything in the store was $15.00 or less. It was a great deal so I figured instead of going out in the freezing cold and dealing with tons of mall traffic, I would order from them online.

I had a $50.00 gift card and I ordered a few things that I really liked. I did a really good job of staying within that $50, and I only went over by about $1.50. Well, it just so happens that a pair of boots that I ordered was sold out. I got an email from Wet Seal saying that I would not be charged for them, however, I used a gift card and I checked the balance of the gift card and it’s still at $0.00!

I’m not letting almost $15.00 go to waste just because Wet Seal did not inform me that their item was out of stock when I purchased it. So while they tell me I am not being charged for the boots, I am indeed being charged for a pair of boots that I will never see. To top things off, the tracking number listed in my shipment confirmation email is not valid! When I clicked on it, the UPS website says it has no record of that tracking number!

Also in the email, they told me that because of the inconvenience from the boots being sold out I would receive free shipping on my next order and the link they provided for the “free shipping” is complete BS! It just links you to the Wet Seal homepage. I started an order from the link I was directed to and clicked proceed to checkout and it told me I didn’t qualify for free shipping. I have emailed Wet Seal customer service twice and have not received a response back and I tried calling and I sat there for a half an hour listening to music playing waiting for a customer service rep to answer but nobody ever picked up.

I looked at the hours of operation that is provided on their website and called within the time frame and day provided so there is absolutely no excuse. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed. I was really excited to treat myself to some new things because I have been working really hard between college and my job and now I’m not even looking forward to my purchases.

I lost out on $15.00 from a gift card that was a birthday present to me and who even knows if I’m going to receive my other items since UPS doesn't have record of my order. I will never buy from Wet Seal ever again.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #768330

The exact same thing happened to me. Ive been waiting a total of 14 days now and I'm only getting half of the clothes I've ordered. :(

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