I purchased a Freshman brand dress from a Wet Seal location on Maui (Hawaii) last week. It seemed perfectly fine until I started noticing my palms and fingernails were turning grey.

I went to change from the dress, and noticed the bandeau, bra, underwear, and sweater I wore with it were all stained grey. I tried to soak and wash the other items, but the color would not come out. After soaking the dress numerous times, dark grey water kept bleeding from the dress. I tried to file a complaint with customer service as well as a Facebook message (got no response on there, of course), and all they offered was to return or exchange the dress at the location it was bought.

I asked if that was all they could do (since the dye had caused over 60 dollars in collateral damage), and they offered 15% off my next online purchase...like I'll be spending money on their *** clothes any time soon!

Just goes to show how important good customer service can be. All I want to do now is tell everyone how *** their company is!!!!!!!

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